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Chapters 1 & 5: Chemistry and Measurement

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Course Intro and Syllabus
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North Carolina Chemistry Curriculum
NC Chemistry Released EOC questions
Chart of Poly. Ions, Metal Ions & Prefixes
Review of Exponents
Exam Reference Tables
Notes, Chapters 1 and 5
Notes, Chapters 1 and 5 (2 pages on 1)
Practice Quiz #1: Chemistry and Sci. Notation
P.Q. #1 Answers
Handout: Msrmnt., Instrumentation, Units

  Practice Quiz #2: Measurement
P.Q. #2 Answers
Practice Quiz #3: Dimensional Analysis
P.Q. #3 Answers
Wksht: Measurement Practice Probs.
Wksht: MPP Answers
Wksht: Dim. Analysis Practice Problems
Wksht: Dim. Analys. Prac Prob (Answers)

Practice Quiz #4: Dimensional Analysis II
P.Q. #4 Answers
Practice Test Chs. 1 & 5
Practice Test Answers
Answers to HW Problems