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     Mr. Mac grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His father was in the Navy, though, so his family moved quite a bit - 11 times. He lived his entire life in the South before moving briefly to California (southern California, naturally). He was born in Mississippi; at one point his family moved even further south . . . to Cuba. (As residents, not as enemy combatants.) He attended the University of Virginia, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. Several years later, he received his Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. His thesis title was "The Effect of Benthic Macrofauna on the Complexation and Speciation of Dissolved Zinc and Copper in the Cape Fear River Estuary." (Whew!)

     While attending UNC-W, Mr. Mac met his wife. (They actually met in the computer lab of the Chemistry building!) She spent two years in Washington, D.C. getting her Master's degree at George Washington University. She now works as a forensic scientist in the crime lab of the Wilmington Police Department. She has a badge and isn't afraid of you.

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