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Chapter 10: Thermodynamics

Ch. 10 Notes: Thermodynamics
Ch. 10 Notes, 2 pages on 1
Thermodynamics Reference Tables
Wksht: Thermodynamics Calcs. #1

Answers to Wksht: Thermo Calcs. #1
Prac. Quiz #33: Thermodynamics Calcs.
Answers to PQ #33: Thermo Calcs.
Wksht: Thermo. Calcs., #2

Answers to Wksht: Thermo Calcs. #2
Reviewsheet for Thermochem. Test
Answers to Revwsht for Thermoch. Test

  Chapter 17: Equilibrium & Kinetics

Ch. 17 Notes: Kinetics and Equilibrium

Ch. 17 Notes, 2-on-1 format
Practice Quiz #34: Kinetics
Answers to PQ #34: Kinetics
Worksheet: Kinetics
Worksheet: Chem Eq. & Keq
Worksheet: Chem Eq. & Keq, Part II
Worksheet: CEK, Pt. II (Answers)
Prac. Quiz # 35: Chem. Equilibrium & K

Answers to PQ #35: Chem Eq.
Worksheet: Le Châtelier’s Principle
Practice Quiz #36 Le Châtelier’s Principle
Answers to PQ #36: Le Chât. Prin.
Practice Test for Kinetics/Equilibrium Test
Animation: platinum catalyst
Animation: platinum catalyst, part II
Animation: sufficient activation energy

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