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Chapter 13: Behavior and Chemistry of Gases

Notes, Chapter 13
Notes, Ch. 13, 2-on-1
Practice Quiz#25: Gas Laws I
Pactice Quiz #25 (answers)
Gas Laws Practice Problems, Part I
GLPP I (answers)
Gas Laws Practice Problems, Numero Dos
GLPP II (answers)
Gas Laws Practice Problems, Numero Tres
GLPP III (answers)
Dalton's Law Practice Problems
DLPP (answers)
Gas Density & Graham's Law Problems

GDGLP (answers)
Answers to textbook problems

  Molar volume lab notes:
* Word 2007
* Word 97-2003  
* .pdf

Practice Quiz#26: Gas Laws II
Practice Quiz #26 (answers)
Wksht: Gas Stoichiometry
Practice Quiz#27: Gas Stoichiometry
Practice Quiz #27 (answers)
Pre-lab assignment: Determining the Molar Mass of Butane
Practice Test: Gas Laws

Pract. Test Answers