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Chapter 12: Chemical Bonding

Notes, Ch.12
Notes, Ch.12: 2 pages per sheet
Worksheet: Intro to Bonding
Practice Quiz #13: Types of Bonding

Prac Quiz #13: Types of Bonding (answers)
Practice Quiz #14: Lewis Dot Structures
Prac Quiz #14: Lewis Dot Struc's. (answers)
Practice Quiz#15: Molec. Geom. & Polarity
Prac Quiz#15: Molec Geo & Plrty (answers)
Lab: Molecular Models
Wksht: Bonding Practice Problems
(Answers to book problems are in back of text)

  Animation: nonpolar covalent bonding
Animation: polar covalent bonding
Animation: ionic bonding
Animation of metallic bonding (.mov format, very basic quality)
Animation: CH4, methane, a tetrahedral molecule
Animation: NH3, ammonia, a pyramidal molecule
Animation: C2H4, ethene, a molecule with a pi bond

Video Worksheet: Volcano