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Chapter 11: Electronic Structure and Periodicity

Notes, Ch. 11
Notes, Ch. 11, two pages on one
Lecture Notes: Wave-Particle Duality of Light

Worksheet: Quantum Theory and Light Prac. Probs.
Worksheet: QT&LPP (Answers)
Practice Quiz #10: Quantum Theory & Light
Practice Quiz #10 (Answers)
Blank Periodic Table

Worksheet: Electron Cloud Structure
Animation: 2p and 2s sublevels

  Worksheet: Electron Configurations
Practice Quiz #11: Elctrn Confgs Aufbau Diags
Practice Quiz #11 (answers)
Practice Quiz #9: Intro to the Periodic Table
Practice Quiz #9 (answers)
Periodic Trends Handout
Practice Quiz #12: Periodic Trends

Practice Quiz #12 (answers)
Lab: Flame Tests
Video: Infrared Radiation (22 MB file)
Video Worksht: Extreme Oil/The Pipeline

Worksheet: Periodic Trends